Simeon Rush

    thankyou for viewing my page, this is where I will write a blog of whats happening with the PlanetXBMC build I am working on

    About me

    Simeon Rush - computer and game console nerd by hobby

    also a keen programmer since 14 years old

    04/11/18 So ive just this evening set up a gofundme campaign. time to go to sleep now have been messing with SSL Certificates trying to get this site secure. All is now well.


    08/11/18 logos designed and sound files sourced none of this will be released until the v1.0 build. This will be an open source project once the first build is released. Been a busy week of modding consoles and selling them tryiong to build some cash up to fund the project, some free time this eve so will do some more coding :)

    09/11/18 Gonna fund this project myself, from the sales from my website. I've decided against the gofundme campaign, had a bit of "coders block" last night so have had a rest from it all today and spent some quality time with the kids, its nice to take a break now and then and wind down. 

    09/11/18 Still getting to grips with learning the XBMC file system, once I know it through and through i'll be able to give it all i've got and plan my next steps, I can see this project stretching into late 2019, the more work that is put in win yeild the better results, always remember the 5 P's! Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance.

    I'd love to just dive right in there right now, but softly softly catchy monkey..

    10/11/18 Have made a rough splash screen draft with sound, trying out different things chopping and changing wav files, I want this to be perfect. remberance day tomorrow and its also the 18th year of my grandads passing I hope everyone participates in the 1 minute silence :)

    11/11/18 starting to understand the file system of xbmc so getting somewhere, been fiddling with some code, time to compile and try out on my "developer console"

    14/11/18 had a couple of days off it all trying to fix a corrupt C and missing E Partition on a 750GB build that took me 5 days to make, all is well now, excited for the future and what it holds! back to a bit of coding tonight :)

    17/11/18 working on some graphics and sounds drafting some ideas and menu design, I want the dashboard to be user friendly and as simple as possible to navigate the menus while being pleasing to the eye.